Rat Zappers

black hat rat While Victor Rat Traps might be adaquate for little critters (see picture to the left), size matters when it comes to rats and that may not be adequate in all cases. The bigger the rat, the bigger the weapon. The Fall City Rat Hunter used an M-1 Carbine and others have brought in similar heavy artillary such as a 44 caliber black powder pistol, Napalm, a whole arsenal, or weapons of mass destruction.

But a recent development in rat killing technology are rat zappers which are basically rat-sized electrocution chambers - BBQ Grill's the critters with a couple of thousand volts. Deb said her rat zapper 2000 worked great ... as did Alex - although his wife wasn't too happy when he said "guess what I BBQ'ed for dinner tonight honey?"

I'm sure we'll hear more of these electronic rat zapping stories in the years to come ... so Email the Fall City Rat Hunter your rat zapper story! ;-)