Alex needs more than just a rat trap for this vermin



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While Kurt, the Fall City Rat Hunter, used an M-1 Carbine to BLAST away at rats, Alex writes in about trying to use a mouse trap to take out some vermin. He is unsuccessful in his initial attempts, but after some helpful advice, he upgrades to the high-tech solution - an electronic rat zapper that traps the critters and BBQ's 'em with thousands of volts of electricity - guess what's for dinner tonight honey!?!

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From: AlexM
Date: January 15th, 2006

My name is Alex. I just got through reviewing your web-site, which has given me plenty of hope. I, too, am a proud new Victor's owner. I purchased 3 rat traps at K-mart on Friday night due to the presence of a rat in our house. The rodent detection comes in the wake of a recent flood that hit the downstairs level of our home. Emergency Restoration opened up the walls in various spots to use the blowers, and it's gotten colder so I imagine the rodents are looking for warmth and water.

My wife alerted me that she was seeing things downstairs, and so I originally bought mouse traps. One of the traps snapped just about five minutes after I set it. My wife called me downstairs and said that she saw a rat crawl under the stove. I moved the stove a bit and a huge tail flopped around the side of it. I was like, "Damn!!" That thing was huge. I kicked the stove and this rat ran across the kitchen floor and behind the refrigerator.

Off to K-mart I went and I set the traps with peanut butter on the bait switch. I set one of the traps behind the portable dishwasher where the rat droppings were. I set another trap next to the refrigerator. I set a third trap behind the stove. It's been two nights and so far no luck. That night, my wife and I still don't know if the rat left the kitchen or not.

So, we're very mindful now of our food and keeping the kitchen clean. My wife, Kari, said that she saw rat droppings on the counter this evening. Possibly the rat is checking out the kitchen at night or something?

Well, if I don't catch the rat with the peanut butter from Friday night, should I change the trap? Or move the traps? What do you recommend? Do you think this rat is out of here or what?

I'd love to know what you think of our current rat dilemma? I'm counting on your advice!


black hat rat The Fall City Rat Hunter Replies:
While Victor Rat Traps might be adaquate for little critters (see picture to the left), size matters when it comes to rats and it doesn't sound like your trap was adequate sized. While possible to trap big rats you should consider bringing in the heavy artillary like a 44 caliber black powder pistol, Napalm, a whole arsenal, or weapons of mass destruction and then use 'em as grill recipes.

But I suspect your wife would not allow any of those to be used in her kitchen.

So yea, put the traps out again - fresh peanut butter is always a good idea. And put 'em next to the wall as rats like to run there. If you are seeing rat droppings, you'll eventually get a "hit" - if he gets away again, then go down to the hardware store and ask 'em for the biggest frickin' mouse trap they got.

Alex then responds: Dude, you're the best. As it turns out, we caught 7 rats - big and bigger, plus one baby - with guess what? An electronic rat trap. That's right - electronic. This baby sends thousands of volts of electricity through the vermin and kills'em instantly. We DID catch one rat behind the stove on the business end of the snap trap and by God, that little sucker was smushed three times to Tuesday. He looked a lot like the mug shot of Nick Nolte, actually.

So, I love the posting and tell all my friends about your web-site. You're the best.

Mouse traps. Give me a break! ;-)


The Fall City Rat Hunter Replies:
Great job Alex - from what I've heard, rat zappers work real well as you found out. Gotta wonder if those thousands of volts make 'em crispy critters though.