David's Arsenal takes care of Monster Rats in his Barn



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Kurt, who was featured on 102.5 KZOK for using an M-1 Carbine against rats, is impressed by the arsenal that David used to take care of the rats in his barn - only thing he was missing was a rat zapper. Some rather gruesome pictures, so don't scroll down if you are easily offended. Email the Fall City Rat Hunter himself and tell him your story too! ;-)

From: DavidD
Date: September 2nd, 2005

Thought that you might get a chuckle out of these. My wife and I have a barn in N. VA and we have a rat problem. We won't use poison with the horses, and traps don't seem to do it - has Dave tried his local McGuckins hardware?. So I set up a couple of pellet guns with night vision scopes on them. When the horses go out at night the lights go off, and the fun begins. I usually try to bring at least one friend along, you really want to maximize the number of kills before Mr. Rat decides not to come out and play anymore.

The guns are an RWS M52 in .22 (~25 foot pounds muzzle energy . fpe), a Crosman 2240 in .22 (18 fpe), and a specialty 9mm CO2 gun (~ 12 fpe). For obvious reasons, the 9mm is my favorite . once a rat is hit with that, they don't travel far. I had started out using a .177 that had a really high muzzle velocity (1000 fps), but found that the rat would get hit, look around as if saying to himself "Hey, I don't feel so good," and run off into the wall.

Q: What do you have after a bunch of mortally wounded rats crawl into your wall?
A: A really smelly barn.

Moving on to the .22 really boosted the percentage of "step ons" (bodies recovered). I figured, what the heck, more is usually better. So I got the 9mm - fun! Anyway, enjoy the pictures.

Damn David, you have a serious rat infestation problem in your barn ... but an arsenal to match it. I counted over two dozen rats in that second picture below - I gotta believe that is making a dent in the local population.

Monster Rat Hunting 22 with night scope

rats 22

This a lotta rat vermin in one night

rat kills

Monster Rats are over a foot long

rat monster