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While Kurt, the Fall City Rat Hunter, used an M-1 Carbine to BLAST away at rats, Deb writes in about using the Rat Zapper 2000 to electrocute a bunch of rats. While the tried-n-true Victor Rat Trap works well against vermin, a new technology to battle 'em are rat zappers that was also used by alex Email the Fall City Rat Hunter with your Rat Zapper 2000 story! ;-)

From: DebM
Date: February 7th, 2006

RATS - just saying the word gives me the creeps. I am a squeamish chick. No doubt about it. In my Little Rock, AR neighborhood of historic Hillcrest there are, apparently, historic RATS.

We moved into our house in December 2003. It had been empty for about 3 months while we remodeled and worked on it. [I can relate as it took about that long for do our stamped concrete patio using these deck designs.] We lived next door and never had rats there. Anyway, I immediately began hearing a scratching kind of noise in the attic and, of course, Man-of-the-house was in Dallas for two weeks. It creeped me out so bad that I avoided the sunporch and laundry room at all possible costs and hoped like heck that whatever was scratching up there (a rat I assumed) was not wanting to visit me in the house.

When Man-of-the-house returned from Dallas he saw the RAT on the sun porch one night. He said it was pretty large. He got on the internet and identified said rat as a Roof Rat and attempted to reassure me that they had no interest in the inside of the house and were likely burrowing down in the insulation in the attic. Great, I was reassured I tell you - NOT! Anyway, he put out poison and set a trap. He watched at night and would see the rat come out of the roof on the sun porch and come down onto a window ledge, etc. He placed the poison and trap there. One night the trap snapped but no rat. A few nights later as he was watching the rat tripped the trap and it slung the rat against the wall where it fell into a trash can (or so we thought). It did not and a couple of months later when it warmed up that carcass began smelling..YUK!!

He continued to see an occasional Rat and poison did not appear to be working. He got on the internet and found the Rat Zapper 2000!! Yes, a gadget for men - no doubt. He ordered said Rat Zapper 2000 and installed one in the attic above our hallway and the other in the attic area above his office behind the sun porch. The Rat Zapper 2000 is, essentially, an electrocution chamber for rodents. They go in and it electrocutes them. It has a light that will flash when you have a "kill". He caught a couple and we have not been plagued by rats until winter and he let the batteries run down. So he has had to redo them and catch a few more. Apparently, when it gets cold - they come in looking for warmth in the attic. I am not willing to share any of my space with them.

His brother in law had Rats in the garage of his house and got the Rat Zapper 2000 and electrocuted 6 of them. It will also kill large crickets and "waterbugs" (a big honking roach - call it a water bug if you will but it is a roach).

So there ya go - if you are not the kind that likes to put out traps or poison - give the Rat Zapper 2000 a try...maybe they have upgraded to the Rat Zapper 2005 or 2006 - who knows?


The Fall City Rat Hunter Replies:
Go git em deb. I tried the rat zapper 2000 but I wis kiling rats so fast tat it was costing me a fortune in batterys so I went back to old fahioned killing.....with a rifle