RobT uses his Large Steel Rod versus a pissed-off rat



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While Kurt, the Fall City Rat Hunter, used an M-1 Carbine to to BLAST away at rats, Rob used his large steel rod to BASH a rat ... and provide an educational experience to his kids at the same time!

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From: RobT
Date: Mar 23rd, 2007

I too have hunted rats in the Great Northwest. Must be something about the rain out there that attracts rats and makes 'em grow. My adventures actually took place several years ago when my kids were still little. The parallels between our stories are amazing. We had a black lab named "Max" and we kept his food in the garage as well. We noticed that Max was going through a lot of dog biscuits. We asked the kids if they were feeding Max all the dog biscuits and they said they weren't. Upon closer inspection, I noticed the corner of the bag with the dog biscuits had been chewed. It didn't take long to put two and two together to realize what was going on. (Plus the fact that my wife and kids had been seeing rats running along our retaining wall.)

I wasn't as creative to use a .30 carbine. I went the old fasioned route and bought a Victor rat trap. We didn't know about the peanut butter trick so we experimented with dog biscuits, cheese and other appetizers for the rat bastards. The rats were making a fool of me and taking my food to boot. You're welcome Mr. Rat for that lovely American Cheddar. I hope you enjoyed it.

Our neighbors mentioned using peanut butter on the trap because the rats have to lick it off of the trigger instead of just snatching it. I applied peanut butter to the trap that night and went to bed with high hopes of snagging a rat. Around 1:00 AM I heard the SNAP of the trap. I smiled to myself and dropped off into a nice peaceful sleep, chuckling and smuggly thinking that I taught that rat a lesson he'll never forget.

The next morning, I checked the trap before I went to work. What I discovered was a snapped trap, a lot of blood, but no rat. Great! Now I've got a pissed off injured rat somewhere in the garage. I went off to work thinking of where the stupid rat could be, hoping he wouldn't dare stumble into the house seeking medical attention. All day long I pondered the actions of the rat. Maybe he limped off to his little rat hole and died a horrible painful death in front of his rat wife and rat kids and this would serve as a warning to all other rodents thinking of snagging my doggie biscuits.

The first thing I did when I got home is opened the garage door and armed myself with a large steel rod that was laying around. Within moments, I saw the little critter huddled against the wall in the garage. . . alive! He was obviously hurt and bleeding. I had no idea what kind of shape he was in. Armed with the steel rod, I took careful aim and whacked him right in the head just as my daughter and her kindergarten friends walked around the corner of the garage door. My daughter and the neighborhood kids were treated to a front row seat of how to bash in the brains of an injured rat with a steel rod.

They were disgusted, yet somehow intrigued by the grotesqueness that was unfolding in front of them. It was like a lesson in biology and rodent control in one twisted lesson. It was like driving past a car accident for the children. They didn't want to look, but something primal in them compelled them to watch this vermin meet his brutal demise.

This incident happened over 13 years ago and it is still talked about and remembered fondly as the time Dad killed the rat with a steel rod and treated the neighborhood kids to good old fashioned rat bashing.

There were other rats that followed, but they all met the Victor rat trap as it was designed to work. Very neat and clean, but not nearly as educational for the children nor very entertaining for me.

I still have the Victor rat trap, but we moved to South Dakota a few years ago where all we have to worry about is mice. . . and rattlesnakes, but that's a different story all together.

Rob from South Dakota

The Fall City Rat Hunter Replies:
Awesome story Rob ... plus one heck of an educational experience for the kids ... although I doubt we'll be seeing this on Sesame Street anytime soon! ;-)

Hope the pheasant season was good last year for you. My dog Mack loves to chase the roosters in Eastern Washington.

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