Rats versus Lawnmower - guess who wins?



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While Kurt, the Fall City Rat Hunter, used a modern-day M-1 Carbine to BLAST rats into pieces, Rich pulverizes 'em with a lawnmower ... and a mulching blade no less - YIKES!

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From: Rich
Date: Apr 19th, 2007

I was having a problem with a rat here in Cleveland, Ohio. The thing was eating everything in the garage, even the hoses on my car. So to make a short story long I noticed some papers sticking out for under my lawnmower. It was the first really warm do and the lawnmower just sat all winter. So I got this evil plan to just pull the cord. The lawnmower started up and pieces of straw, plastic bags and some other unidentifiable parts came flying out. I guess that is wouldn.t have been so bad except for the lawnmower has a mulching blade on it. I don.t recommend this unless you are not the one who has to clean the garage.

Thanks for listening/reading and have a great week.

The Fall City Rat Hunter Replies: Sounds like it must have been a Toro Lawn Mower - starts on the first pull ... even if rats are in the blade path!

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