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While Kurt, the Fall City Rat Hunter, used an M-1 Carbine to to BLAST away at rats, JamesV writes in about how he used both the traditional and electronic versions of the time-tested Victor Rat Trap to take care of his vermin.

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From: JamesV
Date: Nov 26, 2007

We've had mice in the house since we bought it. A few times we've noticed that there was a hole in the back of the bread, and a large chunk looked to be eaten away. So I go out and buy a bunch of glue traps. The only thing I caught with those were bugs. No mice. So after about a month of not catching anything with those stupid glue traps, I go out and get some small victor mouse traps. After about a week I caught this guy behind the fridge. He's a big sucker. I can't tell if he's a mouse or a rat. Here's a few photos.
James from Santa Cruz California.

Date: Nov 29, 2007
After reading the story about the guy with the electronic victor trap, baited with bacon, I went out and got one. I'll let you know how it goes. and take photos of course. ;)

Date: Dec 5, 2007
Just wanted to share with you some photos of the new Victor electronic mouse trap, and some mice that I've caught with it. After only catching one mouse with snap traps I went out and bought "The Shocker." I've caught 3 mice in a three day piriod. This thing works like magic. I also found that using my cat's cat food as bait worked better then any peanut butter / bacon could ever do. The mice love eating the cat food, so I made a little trail leading up to the trap, and BZZZZZZZZ. Dead mousey.
Everyone should go out and buy one of these things. They just work, what can I say.
The Fall City Rat Hunter Replies:
Awesome story JamesV - thanks for testing Victor's complete product line and including pictures. Although I am a bit confused when you said: "my cat's cat food worked better" ... ummmmmm ... how come your cat isn't taking care of your mouse problem?!? ;-)

victor electronic rat trap
victor electronic mouse trap

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