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Kurt, the Fall City Rat Hunter, is not the only person who swears by the deadly Victor Rat Traps as Mo writes in with a rather gruesome picture. Email the Fall City Rat Hunter himself and tell him your story too! ;-)

From: Mo
Date: January 8th, 2005

Our house backs up against a hillside of ivy. Anyone that knows rats knows this means rat condos. I saw evidence of rat on the covered patio so I bated. Came out one morning to find a rat burrowed into my shoe. It was not a well rat. It was not moving fast. It tried to hide behind the croquet set instead of running. I pinned it between the foundation of the house and the plastic case it made some squeeky sounds. I grabbed the only thing in reach (a brush from my dust pan). I eased the plastic box away and pinned the tail while bashing the head. My first kill. It was a medium to large Roof Rat. gray with a long tail. I was not sure how much trauma would be needed to kill a rat- I probably used excessive force.

In my rat killing kit I did have a brand new Victor that went unused. This came in hand just yesterday when I discovered rat jellybeans in the basement.

Victor and peanut butter and in one night victory was mine!

I do know a story of a friend that thought she had mice- and put out Victor.s for mice. She came into her kitchen to find a pissed off rat wearing a Victor trap on his head like a party hat. Know your vermin!


Yea, size matters when it comes to Victor Rat Traps and bigger is better - I used one when I had to get rid of squirrels in my attic. Sorry, no picture/video of that rat running around with the party hat. But Mo did send a rather gruesome picture of his Victor Kill - see one big rat.

mo rat kill