Jeff puts 'Ol Lucky #7 to work ...



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Kurt, the Fall City Rat Hunter, is not the only person who swears by the deadly Victor Rat Traps as Jeff writes in about his experience with 'ol Lucky #7. Email the Fall City Rat Hunter himself and tell him your story too! ;-)

From: Jeff L
Date: November 17th, 2004

Hey there, I got a good rat hunting story to tell. We live in a property that backs up to a large downslope. I noticed that the bird food was getting scattered around every day and my wife's cucumber garden was being raided nightly. Judging by the toothmarks, I could tell we had rats.

I grabbed my old Victor rat trap that had fallen many a foe. I called it " Ol' Lucky #7 " because it had a stirling record of success as the notches in the side could attest to. Anyway, I baited up #7 with a fresh slice of cucumber and set it out. My wife went to work early the next day and I got up to check the trap. I couldn't believe what I saw. There was this huge bull rat all sprawled out on the patio, blood all over the place. I mean at least a cup of gooey red blood. This guy was a real prizefighter, he had managed to keep his head out of the trap but #7 had still got a pretty big piece of him.

Man, I had to hose down the patio after I had put the big guy in the trash can.

I proceeded to bait and trap at least 3 other rats in rapid sequence. After this episode I updated the kill record I keep in the garage and put a few more notches in Ol' Lucky #7. I oiled the springs and admired the small tuft of rat flesh still stuck on the striker bar.

It still hunts rats to this day.


Never heard of using cucumber's, but whatever works. Heck, I even used a Victor Rat trap to take care of some squirrels in my attic ... and a frisbee to go after a bat in my house. But I gotta commend 'em for an excellent approach I will add that I read this story just before dinner; but I'm not hungry anymore - sounds like a gruesome mess!